I’d like to look at 2015 in the sneaker world as “Yeezy Season!” The year Kanye West finally got what he wanted in the fashion world.  A chance to create an entire product line from sneakers to clothes teaming up with international powerhouse Adidas to launch his Yeezy Season 1 line of clothing as well as the highly anticipated “Yeezy Boost Series” of sneakers. Since stepping into the rap game in 04′ with his debut album College Dropout Kanye has been a staple for fashion in the hip hop world køb viagra. Early on wearing the likes of Ralph Lauren (one of his idols) religiously, to transcending the retro sneaker game when he began rocking Air Jordan 3 and 6 models raising the eyebrows of old Jordan heads wanting to relive that feeling of owning a pair of older model J’s. Throughout his run in hip hop one may question Ye’s choices in clothing but we can never denounce his choices of footwear. As he progressed to a mega pop star by 2005 with the release of Late Registration, Kanye had his feet firmly planted in the game and all eyes were on him and not just for his music. People definitely took notice to what Kanye had on, especially his feet!

Moving on to slightly different styles and brands Kanye started wearing more and more high end brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Developing a relationship with LV’s Creative Director at the time Marc Jacobs, Ye was able to collab with the well known brand and create his first shoes The Luis Vuitton Don, Jasper and Mr Hudson model sneakers with much hype and much success! Shortly after another dream collab fell in Kanye’s lap with the iconic brand and number 1 sportswear company Nike, Inc. Kanye partnered with Mark Smith to create the Air Yeezy 1 releasing the initial Zen Grey colorway in April of 2009 which sold out in minutes, as well as the final 2 coloways of the sneaker released later that same year. Following the Air Yeezy 1 he had to of course drop the Air Yeezy II, with even greater hype and greater succession in 2012.

With Kanye realizing his impact on the culture he wanted to create more and feed the streets with more heat, but Nike didn’t have the same vision as he had. Of course me not being in those talks, but according to Kanye, Nike refused to provide him with any royalties on the sale of his sneaker. Yeezy wasn’t going for that and eventually took his talents per say to Nike’s biggest rival…..Adidas. With all the confidence in the world, Kanye knows his brand(especially in the shoe market) can absolutely compete with Nike’s biggest money maker Brand Jordan. With the hype and success of his prior collaborations to date, Adidas gives him an added bonus of letting him release merchandise as well.

Enter Yeezy Season. February 8, 2015 Adidas released the name and design of the two powers first collaborative efforts, the ‘Yzy Boost 750’ which released to Adidas Confirmed App holders only, with a more general release coming a week later retailing at $350. Later that year, June 27th to be exact my favorite model of the boost series dropped the ‘Yzy Boost 350.’ With Nike’s Roshe Run being a huge success in 15′ the Boost 350 model was constructed in a similar way but with the boost technology as an added bonus. The sneaker was amazing to look at in my eyes and lived up to what I expected it to be, a high end look, a high end feel, and premium comfort. He hit all my major keys to a dope sneaker and of course I wasn’t the only one that felt that way when the “Turtle Dove’s” photos were revealed. With the hype being too crazy for me I wasn’t able to score a pair until late December when Adidas released the last pair of Yeezy’s for the year on the 29th of the month.


IMG_0188The colorway was the ‘Oxford Tan’, not my favorite of the releases but still a solid colorway. I was tipped off by a friend of mine as to when the Adidas App would open up to reserve a pair and I got in after some 25 try’s of refreshing! Sheesh……… I had the heads up and still almost missed out lol. I finally got through to reserve my pair and received my store location and time to pick up the sneakers. One thing I must admit is the app makes things effortless when you pick up the sneakers. I was in line all of 20 mins in order to grab my pair and I was out. Being out of the sneaker game for a little minute I forgot how thirsty these people can get on a major release such as this, and was immediately offered between $600-$675 as I walked out the store for my size 9. Initially I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep them or sell them because this wasn’t my favorite colorway but I had to try them out and see what the hype was as far as quality. Opened the box and examined them and put them on my feet and they felt really good, Kanye is definitely on to something with Adidas and I’m looking forward to what else is to come.

Word is the next color is a light blue which caused a frenzy when his wife posted Kim Kardashian on her Instagram page and they look SICK!! If you can get your hands on a pair of 350’s I suggest you pull the trigger and cop you a pair because they are a dope sneaker. Kanye continues to push the envelope both musically and in fashion and he’s only just getting started. Stay Tuned…………YEEZY SEASON CONTINUES!

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