I feel as though it’s almost guaranteed for every relationship to hit a fun ceiling. Sure, some couples will never get tired of being around each other and have fun together no matter what. But I think they’re the exception to the rule. I believe that there will come a time where there’s a need to think outside of the box and spice things up in the relationship. This can be especially important when it comes to date night – the night where you can rack up $100+ bill just trying to be an “average” couple and have fun. Living in New York, one of the most expensive cities on earth, has shown me how easily dinner and a movie can add up to a three digit charge. However, date night doesn’t always have to break the bank. Here are three date nights in NYC that won’t cause you to break the bank:

  1. A Night At the Opera

Up until recent months the MET Opera hadn’t been on my radar, especially for a date night. That was until one day I received a general email about things to do in New York. The usual hot spots and broadway shows were listed, but my eyes quickly darted to the MET Opera tickets being sold at a discount. There was no coupon code required or any sketchy survey to take. The MET literally has tickets to some shows that start at $25. Albeit they may sell out quickly, there’s nothing wrong with buying your tickets a month or so in advance and planning an entire night or weekend around the Metropolitan Opera. Don’t worry about not being able to understand the singing. There are some shows that were written in English. Can you imagine an entire show complete with costumes, singing, and acting for only a fraction of the price of Broadway? Now I can. It can be a new, amazing experience that you never thought to share with your partner.

Photo/Henny Ray Abrams

Photo/Henny Ray Abrams, File

  1. The Museum

 I’ve never met a soul that didn’t like the museum. You don’t have to love it, but it’d be strange if you didn’t like it. Being from Washington, DC, the land of the free museums, I was used to being able to hop on the train with my spouse in tow and traipse from museum to museum along the National Mall. Once I moved to New York and saw the $25+ price tag on every adult ticket, I knew right away that museums would be a thing of my past. That was until I found out about free museum days. Whether it’s Target First Saturday’s at the Brooklyn Museum, UNIQLO Friday’s at the MoMA, or “pay what you wish” Saturday evenings at the Guggenheim (from 5:45pm to 7:45pm), there’s a free, or extremely cheap, entry day at just about every museum. It just takes a little bit of research and planning. Why not grab dinner beforehand or afterward and make it a date night?


  1. A Pick Me Up in the Park

One of my absolute favorite things to do in New York once the weather breaks is head to the park to lay out and tan. It’s even better to lounge on that ever-so-green grass next to your spouse and chit chat in between people watching. There are a few parks to choose from but Central Park just happens to be my personal favorite. You can easily get back to civilization in just a short walk, but if you want to get lost in nature, that’s fine too. Grab a blanket and pack a picnic basket that isn’t complete without their favorite bottle of wine. You can’t go wrong. If you want to upgrade the date, splurge on a $10 Groupon for a 2 hour bike ride through the park. Thank me later.



If none of these dates tickle your fancy, I guarantee you’ll have no trouble finding one that will. Even if you’re single and looking to date, downloading apps like Timeout, Fever, Pulsd, and more are guaranteed to find you a good time in the city without going broke. They offer plenty of free and cheap events that often times come with a free cocktail. Everybody likes free. Another option is simply googling “things to do in NYC today” and the possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for?