This Mother’s Day happened to be a special one for me and my wife. This year we surprised our mother’s with a 1 day trip to Dallas, Tx and 2 days in Cabo San Lucas, Mx to celebrate all that they have done for us in our lives. And for me this was a very special mother’s day but also a little bitter sweet because it marks my mom’s first mothers day without my father who passed away late last year.

We hit the ground running in Cabo as soon as we touched down and all day I was looking forward to this incredible looking restaurant inside The Resort at Pedregal called El Farallon, Cabo’s most sought after dining location. El Farallon, meaning “A rock that comes out of the ocean” is set on the cliffs of the resort and bolsters amazing views of the Pacific ocean as you walk down the many stairs to reach the grounds. IMG_5975



As we got seated we were greeted right away by the head server and asked if we would like to partake in some cocktails before the food service began. El Farallon’s menu changes daily due to product availability so their menu is presented on a big chalkboard to show your options for the evening as bread and crackers are served to the table.IMG_6014IMG_6010We chose to go with a family style type of dinner so that we all could sample the food we ordered. After we ordered entree’s which come with apps and dessert as well, we were served ceviche, mussels and a fresh mozzarella dish which I loved. We decided on the Rib eye (my favorite), jumbo shrimp, grilled asparagus, heirloom potatoes, and broccoli, truffle mac and cheese sauce. The Rib eye was cooked to medium-well perfection if you will.  Served with a variety of different sauces from a sweet chili sauce to a jalapeno crema for added flavoring for the steak. All of the side dishes were delicious as well.

IMG_6029 IMG_6063 IMG_6065 Sunset is where this restaurant really becomes magical! To be able to see the sun go down and day turn to night is one of the most beautiful things about outdoor dining. While it is quite warm in Cabo during the day, the night brings a welcoming chill so to speak, but don’t worry if you didn’t think to bring a light jacket or sweater. The restaurant provides quilted blankets for every seat in the dining area for these very moments. IMG_6067My wife and our moms partook in a few cups of coffee to knock off the unexpected chill and to accompany the much anticipated dessert, churro’s and donuts  w/chocolate and caramel sauces. The perfect touch to end a wonderful dinner service and what an amazing service it was.


The entire staff was very attentive and on point but still allowing us to enjoy each other which is a crucial part to good service. They don’t hound you at all but when you do need them, they are right there to service your needs. We all had an amazing time and laughed, took pictures and got a chance to really soak up this dinner experience in such a beautiful atmosphere. I would definitely put this restaurant high on my list as you definitely get the full dining experience at El Farallon.

Cabo was a greater experience than first thought, from the friendly natives, to the beautiful beaches, and this restaurant Really made our mothers so proud of the children they raised. We will forever cherish this moment with our moms and so glad we got to share this moment at El Farallon. Til next time……………And there will be a next time!