For quite some time now my husband and I have been discussing taking a European tour, however the way our vacation days are set up, it seemed as if it would never happen. That was until I discovered a super cheap fare heading to Paris, and I booked it without worrying about if we would get the days off or not. Shortly after booking our trip from NYC to Paris, we decided to extend our trip and get some time in Madrid, Spain as well. I braced myself for the prices for the last minute one-way fares as we were only a month out from the trip. I was extremely surprised to find a $210 one-way deal from Madrid to NYC with a layover in London through Norwegian Airlines. I had not heard much about Norwegian at the time, but for $210 one way I figured I would give it a shot køb viagra. During the booking process, I had an option to purchase a checked bag, select our seats for a fee, and purchase in flight meals in advance. I decided to purchase one checked bag and to take the chance on seat selections.


On the day of our flight, we arrived at the airport in Madrid two hours prior to our departure time. It took approx. 20 minutes to reach the check-in agent and she quickly checked our bag and offered to check our carry on bags as well. Normally I like to keep my carry on bag with me but since we had an 8 hour layover in London this worked out perfectly. The check in agent also gave us our requested seats without having to pay extra (hubby likes the aisle seat) and pre-checked us for our flight from London to NYC, thus saving us even more time to explore London and not have to rush back to get a boarding pass for NYC.


The flight from Madrid to London was extremely fast. The staff was very nice and the plane was comfortable. Within two hours we got a nice nap in and were ready to explore London Town!!


Over the next 6 hours we explored London through a hop on hop off bus and explored the well-known sites such as Big Ben, London Eye, and the London Bridge. We got so caught up in all the sites that we were late getting back to the airport. Security took longer than expected in London, so there we were running through the airport Home Alone/OJ (Hertz Commercial) style with 15 minutes to spare before the plane departed. Luckily we made it with a few minutes to spare and were extremely surprised once we walked onto the aircraft.

Dreamliner-Interior-HRWe were boarding Norweigan’s new 787. It was the largest aircraft we had been on and featured the 3-3-3 seat configuration. The aircraft features cool led lighting that made us feel as if we were walking into a nightclub. The flight attendants were the most stylist flight attendants I had ever seen. The men were dressed in three piece plaid suits and were completely on trend while the women flight attendants were equally stylish in their hats, neck scarfs, custom two piece skirt suits, and red leather gloves.flight attendants

The staff welcomed everyone with a smile and assisted those who needed help with their carry on luggage and finding their seats.

Every seat offered in flight entertainment which included television shows, the latest movies, and an interactive screen to see the flight from the side window view, the pilot view, and many other options. You could see how many miles and hours you had remaining in the flight and where you were at the current moment.

in flight 2

If you don’t carry your own headphones, the cost is only $3 to purchase and all of the in-flight entertainment is completely free. We took that time to watch “San Andreas” and a few reality cooking shows.

Watching all of those cooking shows made us hungry and at that time I regretted not purchasing an inflight meal. Lucky for us they had several food and snack options for those who did not pre-order. Some of the options included: Meat and cheese tapas plate, chips, hot ham and cheese sandwich, club sandwich, chocolate bars, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and much more. My husband decided to go with the meat and cheese tapas while I decided to go for the hot ham and cheese option. I was extremely surprised how good my sandwich was, so good that an hour after devouring it I ordered another one.

After eating and watching a movie, we decided to get some rest while we listen to the mixtapes Norwegian offered in the free inflight entertainment. Yes I did say mixtapes, they had everything from pop to rap which included, Jay Z and Nas. The seats were very comfortable and offered a nice recline. Before I knew it we were awakened by the stylish attendants asking us to put our chairs in the upward position as we were getting ready to land.

in flight

For those like me who have to go to the rest room quite often, you would be happy to know that the restrooms are nice and clean and they had plenty of them on board which means that I never had to wait long to use the restroom.

If you are like us and have to run to catch your flight without having time to check out the duty free options, don’t worry Norweigan has you covered and has plenty of duty free items to purchase on board.

Overall, Norwegian Air far exceeded our expectations. I would without a doubt put this budget airline up there with any of the other major airlines that we ride on a regular basis.