One thing that is extremely important to us when traveling is where we lay our heads at night. So often on vacation, we are ripping and running around that it’s key for us to have a nice, comfortable place to rest up from the days activities. To some that tend to travel quite often, their diggs aren’t as important for that very reason. You figure all you need is a decent bed and a shower to rest because 90% of the time you are out exploring whatever city, state or country you happen to be in. I definitely see both sides of the coin, but I’m a sucker for a great hotel experience. It adds another level to the trip when you are in a place ¬†you enjoy and then you check into a hotel that’s just as great as its surroundings. In late September we embarked on a 9 day Italy trip, with stops on the way back in Sofia, Bulgaria and Brussels, Belgium. With Brussels being our final stop and an overnight stay, we managed to find one of my favorite boutique hotels to date. We booked this hotel by the name of 9Hotel Central, a stylish collection of hotels also located in Paris, Lisbon, Madrid and Geneva. 9Hotel Central sits tucked away on a small street (Rue des Colonies 10, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium), a tad bit tricky to find but once you do you are in for a real treat.

Walking into the hotel lobby, you are immediately greeted with fine art pieces, modern furniture, beautiful wood tables which resemble an art gallery. To the left of the entrance you will find the front desk concierge that will get you checked into your room and give you the list of amenities of the hotel, information on local restaurants, sites and activities in the area. img_9305 img_9311 img_9308 img_9315 Stepping into the room made our last day on our trip worthwhile! We were ending our hectic but great trip with an amazing hotel which surprised us in a good way. So often pictures and even reviews from trusty TripAdvisor can steer you wrong but not this time. We were extremely pleased with the hotel and its grounds and even more satisfied with our room! img_9358 img_9278 img_9289 img_9293 img_9296 Wait… gets even better! My favorite part of the 9Hotel is actually back down in the lobby area. This area happens to be a self service bar complete with everything from coffee and hot chocolate to wines and liquor. Just a convenient and perfect way to keep you at the hotel to enjoy yourself without having to go out to do so. They have a pretty good wine selection and for us beer drinkers, they have featured local beers on tap for your pleasure! This was a pretty cool feature in my eyes as it gives guests a solid opportunity to try out local brews which is something I always look for when going out of the country. img_9352 img_9316 img_9323 img_9331 Breakfast you say? Of course they have breakfast! A really good spread as well. Sticking to the theme of the hotel, the breakfast is a mix of hot items and continental style items to cover you on both ends. They have fresh juices, an assortment of breads, a mix of meats and cheeses, pancakes, eggs, as well as fruits and cereals. img_9390 img_9393 img_9394 img_9396img_9384 img_9381 My experience at 9Hotels in Brussels, Belgium was indeed a great one. I would definitely recommend staying at this location and wouldn’t hesitate to stay at another location if the opportunity comes about in a different city or country. Two thumbs up from me!

(All photos courtesy of: Fly Duos Team)