While doing research for our recent trip to Madrid we came across this amazing hotel. This hotel boasts a very unique view on architecture and art. This hotel is quite possibly the most unique hotel in the world, and it goes by the name of Hotel Silken Puerta America. Comprised of only 12 floors, this hotel offers an interesting experience to guests by providing a completely different design for each floor of the hotel. The hotel brought in a total of 19 designers from all over the world to create this masterpiece of a hotel. The different colors, shapes, and layouts of each floor are like nothing I’ve seen before.

We had the opportunity to stay on the Space floor. Initially when we researched the hotel, this is the floor that really stuck out to us. The visuals from the images looked so good. The sleekness and shapes of the entire floor really gave us the feel of what the future would look like. As soon as you step off the elevator the designers immediately give you that space feel, and they nailed every aspect of it. IMG_1792

With the entire floor being white, it just creates this super calming feeling and just makes you really excited about how your room will look once you get to it. As you walk up to the door of each room they have a pretty cool way of letting the maid staff what is needed so they dont have to bother knocking on your door multiple times for housekeeping, room services or anything else they may need to get into your room for. Inside your room you have the ability to flip a switch that will inform the housekeeping staff of your needs at any given time. IMG_1785

The hallways are all pretty dark with not much light in them but it gives it a more authentic feel personally. Once we entered the room I just loved the simplicity and sleekness to it. I was really happy we got to experience the room and it was definitely no camera tricks on the website, everything looked exactly as advertised online.

IMG_1767 IMG_1774 IMG_1768

Full mini bar, snacks, and everything you need to have a comfortable stay at the Silken. Even the restrooms are unique from the showers to the toilet structure.

IMG_1770 IMG_1771

Only drawback was that fact that we only stayed here one night and didn’t get a chance to fully take advantage of all the amenities of the hotel. The Silken has restaurants, Marmo Bar, a skynight lounge, a pool area and a gym.

IMG_1804 IMG_1807 IMG_1822

A wonderful experience in a beautiful city made our stay, all though short lived an amazing one! I highly recommend staying here while visiting Madrid, Spain.