Elegant, chic, and regal are just a few words I’d use to describe the Kyna Collection. I’d also add  “every piece belongs in my closet” to that list. That counts, right? The Kyna Collection seems to not only be perfect for the minimalist, but for trendy women who are aware of the neutral toned, monochromatic looks that are clearly here to stay. Whether you’re going out on the town, a special event, or need that perfect vacation piece for your European trip, you’re bound to find the perfect outfit in this collection. Just check our the SS ’16 lookbook if you don’t believe me.

I recently caught up with Rama Hamani, the genius behind the Kyna Collection and got the scoop on the collection and even learned a bit about Rama in the process. I’ve seen the pieces on celebrities, stylists, and bloggers alike and was humbled to get such a great interview. Check it out: køb viagra

kyna 2

What is the name of your clothing line? How did you come up with it?

It’s called Kyna Collection,  it’s named after my lovely niece.

What was your inspiration for starting this line?

I always loved fashion from an early age.

Where is your company based? Is that where you are originally from?

Our company  is based in Paris, France! Born and raised in Paris and my parents are from Niger.

How does the country and culture affect your designs, if at all?

Paris is a city full of elegance. The Parisians are a big inspiration when I  design. I feel that you can be sexy and elegant at the same time and that is what I try to show in my designs. 

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the entire world and the word “elegant” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Your collection definitely embodies it.

Do you personally make the pieces?

All the pieces are designed by myself, then I have a team of modelists that help me to draw patterns.  All of our designs are produced here in Paris.

Where do you source your fabrics from?

At our local wholesale fabric suppliers in Paris.

Where do you feel your clothing is most appropriate? (Vacation, the office, a night on the town, etc.)

Our summer collection is very easy to wear any occasions, this time I have designed the pieces to be worn anywhere.

Eg: you can wear a Zurie high waist pants with a casual top and go to work.

kyna 4

Who doesn’t love a cute high waisted pant at the office? It’s also perfect to transition to a night time look if you have after work plans.

Where is your main customer base: Paris, or elsewhere?

Our main customer base is in the United States, although we do have customers based in the UK, Canada, Russia, Dubai,  Belgium, Australia, Japan and so many more.

That’s awesome. So you’re a global brand. Do you have one piece that would be perfect for a vacation? Where could our readers wear it? (Europe, Caribbean, etc.)

We have so many it’s  so hard to choose ? it’s like choosing between your kids, but I would have to go with the Rama set, it’s so comfortable yet classy. It’s perfect for anyplace.

The Rama set is to die for but I have to admit that the Nadia Set, in any color, is so me. I love it all!

So Rama, is there anything you want our readers to know about your brand?

I would like to tell them that they should believe in their dreams & go for it just like I did. It’s not an easy road but this was the best decision. 

kyna 3

I totally agree. Virtually everything is attainable, so go for it! Follow your dreams wherever they may lead you. Thanks again to Rama Hamani for granting Fly Duos an interview in lieu of a hectic schedule. As a special treat for our readers, you can receive 10% off your order with code “FlyDuos”. Be sure to check out the collection and let them know that Fly Duos sent you!