by: Celeste | Celmatique

Our love story began a year ago. I got in touch with Charles via the Internet. Instagram, to be exact. Yes guys, Instagram. Haha. I noticed he was staying in Ghana, which really fascinated me so I got curious. I actually never take the first step, but after we started liking each other’s pictures, following each other, I sent him a direct message. Which lead to a nice conversation. Which lead to him giving me his phone number.

Charles currently lives and works in Ghana, while I’m based in The Netherlands. He lived in Ghana ‘til he was nine years old, then moved to the Netherlands together with his family. At the age of 23 he went back to Ghana to pursue his dreams to create, build and establish in his vision. After four months of talking continuously via Whatsapp (and one phone call), we met each other for the first time in Amsterdam on December the 22nd 2014. We chose not to talk to each other over Skype before our first meeting, because that way, it would be way more exciting. Our first date was so thrilling and special at the same time. I remember sitting in the train (I knew I would be the first one arriving), thinking of how it would be to see him in a few minutes. I was so, so, nervous. It was crazy! Haha. Think about it … You’ve been talking to this guy for months and you’ve never seen him in real life before. This was it, this was the moment you finally get to meet him and you’re not quite sure if you have that same connection, or if he will like you just as much in real life. In that very moment we were love struck by each other, standing there on Amsterdam Central station. It may sound corny, but it was love at first sight.

Our first date was the first time we actually met and it was kind of perfect. You know, the kind of date you see in movies. We started our date at the Coffee Company, so we could just sit down for a moment, release the tension. I remember Charles looking deep into my eyes. He waited for a few seconds and said: ‘You are so beautiful.’ At that very moment it felt so surreal that all of this was really happening. After our first stop at the coffee place, we visited the Eye Film Museum; we strolled around Amsterdam, drank more coffee and ate red velvet cake. Ending up having dinner in a sushi restaurant. Charles walked me back to the train station at the end of the day and when the train was about to arrive, we kissed. We both knew we were falling in love.

After spending only a few days together in such a short time while Charles was visiting the Netherlands, our connection grew stronger and we knew that we wanted nothing else than to be together. After New Years Eve, on the 1st of January, we made it official. He went back to Ghana and so we had to miss each other for four months. At the end of April he returned to The Netherlands for three weeks, which we had spent together non-separated. Our love grew stronger and stronger. And so, our love story continues.


Even before we met, we already talked about me visiting Ghana one day. I told Charles that I would love to see what he is doing and how his life is over there. Besides, I love to travel and I always wanted to see parts of Africa. One month after we were official, I already started looking for flight tickets. I wanted to get to know Charles a lot better and visiting Ghana would be the logical step. So last summer, it happened: I went to Ghana to spend six weeks with the one I love.


Over the time Charles and I have been together I spoke to a lot of people, including my friends. They find it amazing how we manage to do all this, especially in this time where a lot of people lack the courage to fight for love.

Charles: What we love about each other are the things that make our relationship work. I would list these two as most important: communication and ones undivided attention. Of course, let’s not forget about all the other things like the immense support we give each other, the sacrifices we are prepared to make for one another, the fact that we find each other’s ambitions and goals so super sexy and the all-in one package that we are to each other (lovers, friends and partners in crime). 

And I couldn’t agree more. We actually listen to each other, we talk about everything, we support each other in the things that we do, the dreams that we have. Being in a long distance relationship isn’t easy, but it’s worth it and it will never be too hard, if you really love someone køb cialis. Us being together is far from coincidence. A lot had to happen for this to be reality and we both really feel this is meant to be. I never connected with someone the way I connect with Charles. He makes me laugh; he makes me feel special, wanted and loved, each and every single day, even when he’s 3728 miles away from me. I’m telling you: distance can’t stop what’s meant to be.