Known as a honeymoon and wedding location, the Amalfi Coast is a great destination for a romantic couples getaway. The Amalfi Coast, a coastline that stretches along the Sorrentine Peninsula in Italy, may be one of the most picturesque destinations you could ever add to your bucket list. From the five star restaurants to the scenic views that you thought you would only see in paintings, this is a place you want to visit for relaxing alone time with that special someone. Tours of local wineries and private yacht rentals are just a couple memories waiting to be made along the Amalfi Coast.


  1. It’s Like Taking Several Trips in One!


While Naples is more of an urban epicenter, the actual Amalfi Coast is a little slower paced, although just as lively depending on the time of day and year. Sorrento, a town on the coast of Southwestern Italy, is the best place for shopping whether it be during the day or well past sunset. Sorrento has stunning views of the Bay of Naples and the coastline. Right across the water is Capri with it’s main street lined with restaurants ready to take your order and perfect views of a marina packed with various styles of boats. Back on shore you can take the scenic route to Positano with its colorful homes nestled in the nooks of the mountain and wander down the winding roads to the beach, stopping along the way for limoncello or an espresso. Amalfi tends to be the last stop on the tour, although there’s plenty more to see past this sleepy town. The narrow streets and alleyways are filled with leather good boutiques and gelato shops alike. No one place along the Amalfi Coast looks like the previous. In each town you can find new sights to see and plenty more to explore.


  1. The Food & wine


There’s no reason that you should be in such close proximity to the birthplace of pizza, Naples, and not indulge in a pie and what is unofficially the national beer, Peroni. You can’t come to the coast and have access to some of the freshest seafood on earth and not have a plate of seafood spaghetti packed with mussels, clams, calamari, and any other crustacean you can think of. To sit down at lunch or dinner and not have a glass, or entire bottle, of the local wine is blasphemy! There is nothing like your waiter uncorking a bottle of wine for the table and you know that the grapes were picked just a few miles down the road. The best part is that you’re unintentionally supporting local farmers whether it be the seasonal veggies in your dish, or the wine you decide to pair with each entree!

Pizza in Italy

  1. Relaxation at its Finest


When visiting the Amalfi Coast the plan doesn’t always have to be to cruise from town to town and have an action packed day. Sometimes the best plan is having no plan! There are plenty of places to unwind and simply relax. There are even activities that allow you to do so! Try opting for a cruise around Capri when you want to do something but nothing at the same time. Cruises start as low as 16 euros and get more pricier depending on the activities, such as stopping at the infamous Blue Grotto for a swim. Booking a private yacht tour of the entire Amalfi Coast can get you access to all the hotspots, but you can also let you skipper know that you just want to be left alone to sunbathe or swim in the sea all day. To keep costs low, book a yacht with a small group as prices can start around 200 euros for just a few hours. However, if you just want to spend time with your partner, it may be worth the splurge. Pack lunch, stop along the coast to eat, or alert the crew that you’d like meals included. The choice is always yours.

Amalfi Coast Relaxing

  1. Transportation is a Breeze


The quickest way to get to the Amalfi Coast from another country is usually by airplane. Most people fly into Naples, although some fly into other Italian cities and eventually make their way

down to the coast. Once you get to Naples, you can easily wander toward Sorrento, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, and even further to other towns along the coast by way of a bus, train, or car. No matter which form of public transportation you use, it’s usually dirt cheap (less than 10 euros) and less than 5 euros round trip if you’re just going from one town to another. Many people visit Italy and can’t leave without renting a moped. I say go for it! However, if you’re traveling on a budget and trying to save money, the buses and trains will never steer you wrong.

Transportation in Italy

  1. Beaches


While no beaches along the Amalfi Coast will top any “Best Beach” lists, they are definitely worth visiting on a hot day when you just want to cool off in the water or take advantage of some tanning. There are a number of small, secluded beaches all along the coast but one of the major   beaches is right in Positano. You’ll walk right onto Marina Grande Beach once you finally make it down the mountain, through the alleyways and past the markets. When visiting the area, pack your bathing suit and sandals just in case you want to stroll along the sand and possibly take a dip in the water. You won’t regret it.


Amalfi Coast Beaches

So Fly Duos, now the question is, are you ready to book? If you have visited the Amalfi Coast or plan to visit soon, let us know in the comment section below.



* All Photos were taken by the author.